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About our Office

At Hollywood Dental, we know that it's more than just what your teeth look like. Your smile is a genuine health concern, and we employ the latest and greatest techniques and technologies to keep you smiling well into your old age.


At Hollywood Dental our goal is to achieve a beautiful, healthy smile for all patients using the least invasive and most conservative dental procedures.  Our philosophy is to improve oral health now to reduce dental diseases and complications in the future.  Every effort is made to treat decay aggressively in its earliest stages to prevent other unnecessary procedures later on in life such as root canals, crowns, implants, bridges, dentures, etc.


The sooner children accomplish positive oral health, the less likely they will require excessive future dental treatments.  Therefore, we begin seeing patients as early as six months old.  We recommend restoring and saving primary teeth until they can be replaced with the corresponding permanent teeth.  We strive to preserve as much primary tooth structure as possible because this is the best natural retainer during the development of a child's dentition.  Nothing exceeds the function, comfort and appearance of the natural teeth.

In our fun and friendly environment, we teach children sound dental hygiene using various effective methods such as show and tell and simple analogy. Guardians are encouraged to accompany their children during dental treatments at the office.  We prefer the embrace of the guardians rather than other methods of     restraint.  Prizes are given at the end of the treatment to encourage positive behavioral response.  At Hollywood Dental we want our patients’ visit to be motivating and rewarding.

Our staff of friendly, highly trained dental professionals are the right choice for you and your family. We can help smiles of all ages and guarantee a future for your teeth that you can be proud to show. Make an appointment today and see the difference after only one visit!

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